31 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners in 2023

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Having success in affiliate marketing is not easy, but it’s also not that hard. You need to be persistent, consistent, and have a proper marketing plan.

I thought it would be helpful to give you best affiliate marketing tips and tricks to help maximize your potential for success as an affiliate marketer, so I compiled this detailed list of best affiliate marketing tips to share with you.

31 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips

1. Choose a Niche that You Are Knowledgeable About

This is the most important aspect of affiliate marketing. You should choose a niche that you are knowledgeable about and know the in and out of the niche. This will help you your affiliate journey and to help your audience.

2. Promote Products that you have Personally Tested and Used.

“You will get all you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

By promoting products you tested and used, you will become so excited when you find products and services both to build your own business and to use in your niche that you will want to share them with the world.

Your enthusiasm will continue to grow, and soon others will look to you for recommendations on what will help them to achieve their goals.

3. Promote Programs With Recurring Commissions

This is one of the secrets to generating passive income online with affiliate marketing.

Because you will keep getting Commissions whenever the person you referred renews their subscription. Also, product quality matters here, because people will keep using it as long as it is good.

4. Choose an Evergreen Product

This is a product that can be sold for months or even years without changing.

5. Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche

By establishing yourself as an expert in your niche, you will be the go to person whenever your audience need help.

6. Keep Track of Your Numbers

Always keep track of your results you see what your bottom line is and a how profitable a products is and to also make improvements. You can use affiliate link tracking software like Voluum to easily track your affiliate links and maximize your commission and results.

7. Look for Products that You Can Bundle Together

This means promoting products that can naturally go together and make sense to your audience.

8. Start Building Your Email List From the Beginning

Email list is the most valuable asset and the lifeblood of Internet marketing.

Make sure to create an op-tin box to offer a free giveaway where visitors can only opt in or leave the page.

Once you have even one person on your list, start sending out both auto-responder messages  these are pre-written and go out automatically – and broadcasts.

Let your prospects know more about who you are and what you have to offer them, and be sure to include links for them to click on in every email you send. This works!

Check our list of best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing here

9. Offer Proof of How the Product or Services Has Benefitted You.

This is called social proof, and makes it more believable to your audience.

10. Give Your Audience an Idea about the product

Instead of describing the product, show your audience how the product works by providing screenshots or giving a video tour.

Making the audience see the product with their own eyes rather than just imagining will make a huge difference and create trust.

11. Build Curiosity for New Products

With many product launches these days, it becomes difficult to keep up with what’s available.

Start building curiosity and dropping hints for every new product you want to promote. This can make a huge difference and make your audience eager to buy.

12. Always Mask Your Affiliate Links

Never send naked or raw affiliate links as most email marketing services don’t allow affiliate links and will make your message end in spam.

Use link shortner to mask and shorten your affiliate links.

13. Subscribe to your own email list to see what it’s like to receive messages from you

This will help you see whether your messages are delivered to inbox, promotion folders or spam folders. It will also allow you to spot mistake in your messages and make necessary changes.

14. Encourage Your Subscribers to Reply to Your Emails

Your subscribers may have one or more questions that need to be answered, this will help build credibility and establish more trust.

15. Use all Content Types to Promote Your Affiliate Offers

Use both audio, video and text content promote your offers. You will find out that many of your audience prefer one model than another.

16. Offer Bonuses

The best way to stand out and make more sales is by offering people a special bonus for going through your affiliate link. Either a product or a service that makes sense.

Adding bonuses to what you are promoting will increase the value of the product and is great for staying ahead of the competition.

Many times there will be several affiliates promoting the same product at the very same time.

17. Give ‘results based’ testimonials. 

You will have great results based on the testimonials you provide, so make sure they are based on your results, and not on your emotions.  The exposure and traffic you will get from your testimonials is worth its weight in gold.

18. Join Niche Specific Forums and Facebook Groups

This will allow you to interact with people in your niche and learn about the current problems and trends in your niche.

You will also be able to establish yourself as an authority by answering peoples questions and referring them to your affiliate offers.

19. Create a Free Online Course

This is simply a tiny training course that can be delivered by email over the course of five or seven days, or any period of time that works for you and your niche.

The idea is to give away your e-course for free, and to earn money from what you will recommend throughout the course and after they have completed it.

At the end of each lesson add some action steps, and these will include the link to what you are recommending.

Using articles written by the people whose products you will be promoting also works well for this, and saves you a considerable amount of time.

Free courses can continue to earn passive income online for you through the affiliate products and courses you promote within each lesson of the course.

20. Attend Local and National Live Events

By attending offline events, you will meet more people and form lasting relationships.

Sometimes it is someone that you will end up doing a joint venture project with, and other times it is a new student, someone who will be a good affiliate for your products and services, or a support person, such as a web designer, virtual assistant, or technical person you can outsource some of your tasks to.

Choose an event to attend, and then look for ways to connect with the people who will be there.

You just never know what can evolve from meeting and spending time with other like-minded people in person over a period of few days.

21. Blog Regularly

Your blog is your home on the internet, post regularly on your blog and use keywords in your categories and post titles for better results.

Engage your readers with stories, tips, and case studies so they will feel like they have learned something new and will want to return. Include an op-tin box with a free giveaway in the upper right-hand section of your blog.

Encourage people to leave a comment on your posts, and then answer their questions and thank them for commenting with your own comments.

22. Become Active on Social Media

Join top social media sites and spend time for one complete your profile. Add followers, friends, and connections slowly, as you would do when meeting new people in person.

23. Focus more on the benefits than on the features of what you are recommending. 

The difference between features and benefits can be confusing when you are starting out. No one is interested in knowing the features of a product; all they care about is how the product will benefit them and make their lives easier.

24. Look for the ‘gap’ in what you are recommending, and then find another product to recommend 

For someone that is new to any topic, the products and courses being offered might be too technical, too advanced, or otherwise not on target. You may find that will fill the gap and bundle it together with the original product.

25. Explain the product you are promoting in great detail

We’ve all been in the position of hearing about something and not understanding what it is.

It might me the best thing, but if we do not understand it or see the value of it then it won’t matter what the price is or any other details.

You must start at the beginning and explain in detail what is being offered, why it is important, and what results can be expected.

This is the way to make more sales and commissions for anything you recommend, regardless of the price point.

26. Subscribe to the List of the People You Want to Promote

Make sure you are on the list of the people you want to promote, and read their emails and blog posts.

Also, connect with them on social media and at live events, know what they are promoting,

which sites they have set up, and how their marketing is presented. You’ll learn so much from them and how to better promote the product.

27. Create a Landing Page for Every Product you are Promoting

This is technique works very well. Create your own landing page so that when someone opts in, they are taken to the sales page for the affiliate product. I recommend using tools like Leadpages to create beautiful awesome looking landing pages.

By doing this, you’ll drive targeted traffic to your opt in page, and even if someone is not ready to buy, they will be on your email list.

28. Teach your audience 99% of what you know

In the beginning you will feel like you must hold back on what you teach other people about your topic. We all feel this way, so it is completely normal.

We believe that if we give everything away then no one will have a reason to spend time or money with us because they will already have the information they need.

It doesn’t work out this way at all. For example, people will teach everything they know about a topic in their books and programs, yet people will continue to go them and want to purchase their other products or join their mentorship programs.

This is due to the fact that we all need a mentor to guide us to success, and that simply having the knowledge is not enough to achieve our goals.

By teaching your prospects and clients everything you know, you immediately increase the ‘know, like, and trust’ factor, giving you instant credibility and appeal to your target audience.

29. Share your best tips and secrets

We all love knowing a secret, and it’s the same in business. When you find new tool or method that you find very helpful, share it with your audience as soon as possible.

30. Connect with Top People in Your Niche

Connect and with the top people in your niche by interacting with them on social media sites and attending live events to meet them in person. This will make a huge difference in the success you are able to achieve.

31. Always Remember the Struggles you had when Starting

Never forget what it was like for you when you were just starting out on the Internet.

By remembering the struggles and confusion you once had, you will be able to relate to the people you encounter online in a much more empathetic way.

Be patient and understanding, and help them to move from where they are right now to closer to where they would like to be.

You’ll be glad you took this approach as your business expands over time.


Now that you have this best affiliate marketing tips, go ahead and implement it in your affiliate marketing business.

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