5 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses for Beginners

Affiliate marketing can be intimidating especially when you are just starting.  There is so much information on affiliate marketing out there and that makes it overwhelming to figure out where to start.  That’s the main reason why many people who get into the affiliate marketing game often fail. This is why you should learn from the …

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10 Best Free & Paid Link Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketing

url tracking software for affiliate marketing

Link tracking is very crucial in affiliate marketing and will help you discover what channels send you the most traffic, better understand your audience (demographics), and carry out split tests to determine which of your campaigns perform better. There are hundreds of link tracking software tools and it is difficult to know which one is …

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5 Best Free & Paid Email Autoresponder for Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for a high-quality, reliable, affiliate friendly, and best email autoresponder for affiliate marketing? Although there many email autoresponder tools out there, it is very difficult to find an affiliate friendly autoresponder. Many of these autoresponder tools like MailChimp and MailerLite have unclear affiliate link policy and will ban you from using their …

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31 Best Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks in 2021

Affiliate marketing tips

Having success in affiliate marketing is not easy, but it’s also not that hard. You need to be persistent, consistent, and have a proper marketing plan. I thought it would be helpful to give you best affiliate marketing tips and tricks to help maximize your potential for success as an affiliate marketer, so I compiled …

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