Jonathan Montoya 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review (+Bonus): My Experience After Taking The Challenge

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If you’re active on Facebook, then you’ve probably come across Jonathan Montoya’s 3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge review.

Jonathan is a master of his craft and has built a cult-like following and an army of affiliates who are actively promoting his courses. He has created so much hype in the affiliate marketing community in a very short time.

Jonathan montoya 3 day challenge

I have known Jonathan Montoya for a long time but have not tested his products until recently.

I stumbled upon the 3-day challenge when I looked for a low-price offer that could do well on TikTok. So I posted on one of my friend’s Facebook group asking for recommendations, and everyone was recommending Jonathan Montoya’s 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge.

That’s when I decided to try it and went through the challenge, which took me around 3 to 4 hours to complete (you don’t have to wait three days to complete the challenge).

In this 3-day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review, I’m going to share with you my personal experience after taking the challenge and give you an inside look at the course so that you know whether it’s good for you or not.

So let’s get started.

What is The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge?

The 3-day business breakthrough challenge is a 3-day affiliate marketing training course by Jonathan Montoya, where you’ll learn each day something about affiliate marketing.

Jonathan Montoya has helped many people start affiliate marketing businesses and earn online passive income.

Many of these people are making enough money, and some have been able to quit their 9-5 jobs and do affiliate marketing full time by following Jonathan’s teachings.

The 3-day challenge is also a requirement for anyone that wants to promote Jonathan Montoya’s courses, and anyone that completes the challenge will get automatic approval to promote Jonathan Montoya’s products as an affiliate.

This was to ensure that anyone that is promoting his courses has actually tested his products and to also equip them with the right skill and knowledge that will help them promote the course effectively and become successful.

And that’s why most of his affiliates are able to succeed and make money promoting his courses. This is also another reason for the hype that he has created online.

So all the people you are seeing on Facebook and other social media platforms promoting the 3-day business breakthrough challenge have actually gone through the 3-day challenge.

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An Inside Look At The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review

The 3-day business breakthrough challenge training course comprises three lessons; Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3.

Day 1: In this lesson, Jonathan introduces you to the concept of affiliate marketing.

3 day challenge Jonathan Montoya

This is a 54 minutes video training and teaches you the following: 

  • What is affiliate marketing
  • How affiliate marketing works
  • Affiliate programs
  • How to find your core affiliate offer that you’ll build your business on
  • Building affiliate system the right way
  • The power of an email list
  • How to build your email list
  • Getting traffic/customers to your affiliate business
  • Difference between free and paid traffic and a
  • Homework to complete

You’ll get a workbook that contains steps you’ll need to follow to set up your affiliate business successfully.

Jonathan montoya 3 day challenge review

Day 2: Building Your Affiliate Business in 40 Minutes

This is a 1hr long video that teaches you how to set up your affiliate system on autopilot to do all the selling for you.

3 day business breakthrough challenge review

He also shows you the skills required to set up the system and get the system up and running right away.

Jonathan will give some done for you resources which include a lead magnet and Funnels and email templates which you can use to set up your affiliate system to get it up and running.

He shows you how to import the funnel templates into your ClickFunnels account and edit the templates to add your affiliate links.

You’ll also learn to set up an email autoresponder using GetResponse and set up your email campaigns.

Day 3:

This is the last training video in the 3-day business breakthrough challenge. It is 1:30 long and shows you how to get traffic to your automated system.

3 day challenge review

Jonathan Montoya shows you how to drive traffic to your affiliate offers through YouTube, TikTok, and Google Ads.

He shows some of the strategies he used to grow his TikTok account & YouTube channel and how he uses these platforms to promote affiliate products.

However, the Google Ads training is more in-depth and shows you a step-by-step process on setting up advertising campaigns with Google AdWords and some of the strategies he used with Google Ads.

Finally, he shows his affiliate stacking ecosystem, which will help increase profitability by recommending additional affiliate products throughout the customer journey.

Become A Freedom Breakthrough Affiliate:

This is a 10 minutes long video where Jonathan shows you how to become a Freedom Breakthrough affiliate and earn 50% commission.

It includes the steps to become an affiliate and shows you how to navigate the affiliate dashboard.

Bonuses That Come With The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge

Bonus 1: Step by Step Checklist

This checklist contains resources, email swipes, and scripts to help you set up your affiliate marketing business.

Bonus 2: 3 Day Challenge Ebook Funnel Template

The ebook funnel template is a ClickFunnels landing page template that you can import to your ClickFunnels account so that you can give away the ebook as a lead magnet to build your email list and promote the 3-day challenge or any other affiliate product.

Bonus 3: 3 Day Challenge Ebook

The 3-day challenge ebook is a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to become a super affiliate and quit your 9-5 job in 7 steps.

You get the ebook template which you can edit to insert your affiliate links and use as a lead magnet.

Bonus 4: Ebook Email Sequence

The ebook email sequence is an email swipe you send to people when they signup to get the 3-day challenge ebook.

You can easily copy and paste it into your email autoresponder, and you need to insert the links and add your name.

3-Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Review Pros & Cons


  • Cheap
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to follow
  • Ready-made templates
  • Great community
  • Automatic approval to become a Freedom Breakthrough affiliate and earn 50% commission


  • Basic affiliate marketing training

Pricing: How Much Does The 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Cost?

  • The 3-day business breakthrough challenge cost only $7 one-time payment.

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My 3 Day Business Breakthrough Challenge Bonus

I have been doing affiliate marketing for years, and it has completely changed my life. It will change yours too if you put in the work.

I have created a FREE bonus package to help you kick-start your affiliate marketing business and get even more value out of the 3 Day Challenge.

By grabbing my bonuses, you will save yourself so much time and provide a ton of extra value with a minimal amount of effort on your part.  

Here’s what you will get:

Bonus $1: One-on-one  mentoring & coaching from me (priceless)

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Bonus #3: Copywriting Success Secrets ($47 Value)

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Bonus #7: My Ultimate List of Lifetime Recurring Commissions Affiliate Programs White Label Rights ($25 Value)

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Final Thoughts: Is The 3 Day Challenge Right For You?

The 3-day business breakthrough challenge by Jonathan Montoya is an awesome affiliate marketing training program for beginners.

It introduces you to the concept of affiliate marketing, how to choose affiliate offers and the different ways you can use it to promote affiliate products.

If you have experience and a basic understanding of affiliate marketing, I suggest you sign up for Jonathan Montoya’s Freedom Breakthrough Course. 

It’s an in-depth, step-by-step, advanced affiliate marketing course where Jonathan teaches you all the techniques and strategies he used to become a super affiliate and quit his high-paying engineering job.

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