15 Awesome Tools to Take Your Business to the Next Level

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If you run a small business, you know that marketing is crucial to your success. But short of business cards, brochures, and a website, what can you do to get your business’s name out into the eyes of the public?

There are almost unlimited answers to this question. However, most responses will have something to do with technology, which is what drives the market today. Here, we take a quick look at some of the best digital tools available to help you grow your business and your bottom line.

1# Email marketing

Despite the prevalence of spam and scam emails, inbox marketing remains a viable way to reach your customers. According to Coschedule, approximately 44% of email recipients initiate a purchase because of a promotional email.

Using email marketing tools like GetResponse, you can use email marketing to send special offers or to inform your customers about new products, services, or upcoming events. Using email autoresponder tool, you can create a mass message and send it to dozens to thousands of recipients all at once.

You can also invest in auto-responding software that can help you keep your email marketing on track. We recently reviewed the best autoresponders tools which includes both free and paid services. Sign up for a few to see which makes the most sense for your business and budget.

#2 Payroll processing

You might not think about payroll processing software as it relates to marketing, but switching to a turnkey payroll offering can save you time and money. Instead of wasting your time writing paper checks — which nobody likes — switch to a full-service payroll processing platform.

This can help you automate your employees’ payments and calculate taxes on your behalf. You will also be fully supported, so you can avoid costly tax penalties and other such mistakes. Best of all, you can quickly and easily generate accurate payroll reports and be fully compliant, and your employees can get direct deposits made on the same day.

Another perk that many small businesses do not think about here is that paying your employees on time can lead to better reviews on worksites, such as Glassdoor. This can have a positive impact on your ability to attract and retain better talent later down the road.

#3 Review collection

Online reviews are perhaps one of the biggest influencing factors of your reputation. Many review collection companies offer service as a software (SaaS) that allows you to collect reviews at the point of sale. This type of software allows you to monitor what’s being said about you and see how your online presence grows and improves over time.

By offering a non-intrusive text message or email to happy customers, you stand a better chance at collecting more positive reviews, which can increase your star ratings on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp. According to The Review Solution, around 85% of consumers turn to online reviews, which they value just as much as recommendations made by personal friends and family.

#4 Chatbots

Chatbots used to be those annoying little pop-ups at the bottom of your screen that offered little to no relevant information. Today, they are smarter than ever, thanks to impressive artificial intelligence programming. Consumer chat marketing company Drift asserts that online chat can eliminate three of the most frustrating problems that consumers have today.

These are getting answers to simple questions, the hassle of difficult navigation, and finding links to very basic questions, such as business hours or contact information. Chatbots increase response time and can better direct customers to the appropriate person when they have questions that can’t be answered by the AI.

#5 Affiliate marketing

If you are looking to add a passive form of income to your revenue streams, you will want to look no further than affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is very simple and typically only necessitates that you sign up as an affiliate marketer, post links, and have a way to receive payment. But as simple as it seems on the surface, it does require a bit of research.

We’ve done a review of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners to help you choose one that best suit your needs. These courses can help you learn to understand how to best harness the power of affiliate links by researching your niche and understanding how SEO and email marketing can benefit your affiliate strategies.

6# Social media scheduling

You are no doubt already using social media to interact with your customers. By posting regularly, you keep your social media accounts active and more relevant for both your followers and to the search engines. But it does take time to cultivate a social media presence.

That’s where social media scheduling tools come into play. These allow you to create posts ahead of time and put them on a calendar for release when you are ready. Many of these apps allow you to manage multiple sites at once so that you can grow your brand on the platforms of your choosing.

Most software lets you pre-populate images, videos, and stories so that you can spend one day getting ready for an entire month’s worth of social media posts. This can easily free up several hours each month and will ensure you never forget to nurture your social media presence.

Other Tools Worth the Investment

Any technology that streamlines your operation is good for business. A few other options include:

  • Cloud-based file sharing
  • Link Tracking
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Video marketing
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Workflow software
  • Online security
  • Paperless billing
  • Remote desktop or VPN


Technology encompasses all of the tools that drive business today. Your online marketing strategies rely on technology, even if it doesn’t seem directly related to selling.

Digitize your business in all areas, including setting up automatic social media postings, using chatbots to give your clients instant gratification, and sending automated emails when someone signs up for your mailing list.

All of these tools work together to create a more user-friendly experience and to make you a more valuable player in a society that values technology.

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