TubeBuddy Review 2023: Everything You Need to Know About This YouTube Tool

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Our Verdict

TubeBuddy is a handy tool and can help with keyword research, boost your productivity, understand your audience and content optimization

It is packed with a lot of essential features to help you gain more views and ultimately grow your YouTube channel.

It has a free version which has lots of limitations and 3 other paid versions which are packed with even more features.

What is TubeBuddy? What does it do? Can TubeBuddy help you gain more views and grow your YouTube Channel?

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to grow your brand and earn money online, it is both search engine and social media in one platform. Growing a YouTube channel takes a lot more time, effort and skills, so does TubeBuddy Simplify this?

In this TubeBuddy review, we’re going to take a look at this tool, whether it is worth it, and how it can help you gain more views on YouTube band grow your channel.

Here is what we are going to cover in this TubeBuddy review:

What is TubeBuddy? 

TubeBuddy is a YouTube certified tool and a browser extension that that connects directly to YouTube dashboard and helps YouTubers to manage and grow their channels.

In addition to the extension, TubeBuddy offers a bunch of other tools which can be found on the user’s account page after linking a YouTube channel.

TubeBuddy Pricing Plans

TubeBuddy has a free plan and other 3 plans

Picture of TubeBuddy pricing plans

The Free Plan

The free plan has many limitations, gives you access to few basic features and less likely to help you accomplish your goals.

This plan is great for newbies that are just starting out. It allows you to try out their features and learn how their system works.

TubeBuddy’s Pro Plan

This plan starts at $9/month and gives you access to tags & keyword research tool, productivity tools, YouTube SEO tool and video optimization tools. TubeBuddy even offers a 50% discount ($4.95) on this plan if your channel has less than 1000 subscribers. You can perform in depth keyword research with the keyword research tool to understand what keywords bring more views and create content around those keywords.

Star Plan

This is the most popular TubeBuddy plan and gives you access to lot more features in addition to the Pro features. The features are:

  • Bulk Processing
  • Monetization Tools
  • Advanced Scheduling
  • Cards/Endscreen Templates

The Legend Plan

This plan costs $49/month and is TubeBuddy’s ultimate plan. It gives you access to even more additional tools to help you succeed on YouTube.

In addition to the features offered in the Star plan, it lets you split test your videos (A/B Testing), analyze your competitors to stay ahead of the competition, and analyze your video retention.

It also comes with an auto-translation tool that translates your titles, tags, and descriptions to other languages to reach new markets.

Now that we have covered their pricing plans, next in this TubeBuddy’s review their pros and cons

Pros & Cons of TubeBuddy

Pros of TubeBuddy

#1: Has a Free plan 

TubeBuddy has a forever-free plan to help you get started and try out their features.

#2: Cheap

TubeBuddy’s pricing is a no-brainer compared with all the features you get and the time and effort it saves you.

#3: Has a Mobile App

TubeBuddy has a mobile App that lets you manage your channel while on-the-go. The mobile App is packed with many features and available on Android and IOS devices.

#4: Supported on Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera Browsers

Another nice thing about TubeBuddy is that it is Tubebuddy is officially supported on Chrome, Firefox and edge. Can also be used on Opera but will require an additional extension to add support for Chrome extensions.

#5: Has a Nice Affiliate Program

TubeBuddy has a nice affiliate program that offers 50% recurring commission for each subscriber you refer. With their free plan, it is super easy to promote and make money with their affiliate program.

Cons of TubeBuddy

#1: Don’t Have Training Course

TubeBuddy don’t have training course to help you learn their how to use their products

#2: There is a Learning Curve

When starting out with TubeBuddy, it can be a bit overwhelming and discouraging due to the features packed in the tool.

Features of TubeBuddy

Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer is part of TubeBuddy’s upload suite and is an essential tool that helps you grow your YouTube channels and gain more views. It will help you a lot in discovering what keywords to put your output on.

This tool shows you ton of keywords and video ideas along with their overall score when you type in your video idea into the search box, and also tells you what is trending so that you can create videos around that topic.

Video A/B Testing

This tool allows you to compare various aspects of your video like thumbnails, tags and titles to see which performs better.

The A/B testing tool is available on TubeBuddy’s Legend plan and is very useful to gain more views and go viral on YouTube.

Suggested Tags

This tool is embedded in the video upload page, it suggests you tags to use in your videos based on your target keywords.

Tag Sorter

This tool les you organize and rank your tags based on your own preferences by allowing you to see list of your tags and sort them accordingly.


TubeBuddy helps you get professional-grade captioning services which can help legitimize your channel and, increase traffic to your videos, and also makes your videos accessible to deaf viewers.

Upload Checklist

This is useful if you have specific things you do when uploading a video on YouTube. It provides you with a checklist where you can set reminders and check the items on your list as you upload a video on YouTube.

Thumbnail Generator

Thumbnails are incredibly important in YouTube SEO and click through rate optimization (CRO). This tool lets you save templates to help you create professionally looking templates quickly and make your brand consistent.

Best Time to Publish

With this tool, you don’t have to guess about the best time to publish based on your time zone and your subscribers’ time zone.

This tool works out the optimal time, hours, and days to upload your videos to help you achieve the best engagement with your audience based on the understanding of the YouTube algorithm.

Publish to Facebook

If you also upload your videos on Facebook, you will find this tool incredibly helpful. It lets you directly upload your videos to Facebook through TubeBuddy saving you a lot of time.

This will also help you take advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature and get more views on Facebook as well.

Demonetization Audit Tool

This tool is very useful. It scans through your videos, titles, tags, descriptions and warns you of anything that could trigger demonetization.

Bulk Processing Tool

This tool saves you time and effort especially if you have many videos on your YouTube channel. It allows you to bulk-change your descriptions, titles, tags, thumbnails, cards, and update end screens.

Competitor Scorecard

This tool directly compares your channel with that of your competitors’ to get a better understanding for the differences in views, subscribers, video uploads, and engagements. The tool also lets you export the data to CSV and deep dive into the data.

Health Report Tool

This tool watches your channel’s retention rate and traffic and gives you an overall score based on your channel’s performance. It lets you get better understanding of what is working and what is not, to better optimize and grow your channel.

Social Monitor Tool

This tool scans social media platforms and lets you get better idea of where your videos are shared and talked about.

Advanced Videolytics

This tool lets you get a deep look into the tags and rankings of other videos. It helps you to spy on other video, see their tags, copy those tags and use them in your videos to get traction of their views by getting your video show in the suggested section of their videos.

Comment Moderation Tool

You will receive lot more comments as your channel grows and can find it time consuming to manage and respond to those comments.

This tool helps you sort through, fast-reply, and highlight comments from your subscribers or audience. This tool is a must-have to help you engage with your community.

Auto Translator

This tool translates your titles and descriptions to other languages to help you increase your global views.

Opportunity Finder

This tool helps you rank your videos on Google search result page. It provides you with actionable advice by suggesting tags to add to your videos to increase your reach and boost your brand.

Brand Alert Tool

This is an incredible tool and helps you get alert about your brand by scanning videos that are using your brand name in their titles, descriptions or tags.

It is great for monitoring the general feeling about your brand and can also be used to keep an eye on your competitors.

Video Tag List

This tool saves you time by letting you create and save tags to use in your videos instead of having to write tags every time you are uploading a video on your channel.

Search Explorer

This tool is incredibly useful in finding longtail keywords on YouTube. It helps you get a better idea of the sort of traction and the competition around keywords.

Competitor Video Upload Alert

This is a really amazing tool. It alerts you every time a competitor uploads video on their channel. You can get alerts via email, text or TubeBudy’s built-in notification.

Description Promotion Tool

This tool lets you promote one of your videos in the description of your other videos by allowing you to easily insert the link of the video in the description of the other videos.

Cards and End Screen Templates

This tool gives you ready-made cards and end screen templates to you use on your videos.

If you don’t know what cards are; they are basically call to actions (CTAs) embedded on YouTube videos, which typically pops up towards the end of the video. These can help you get more leads, sales and drive people to your site.

Advanced Video Embed

This tool helps you created embed codes with the full list of options for adding videos/playlists to your website.

Real Time Subs

This tool allows you to keep track of your subscribers by allowing you to see whether your subscribers are increasing or decreasing.

Channel Backup

This tool is really important. It stores your entire channel’s Meta data away from YouTube in case something happens to your channel.

TubeBuddy Review

User Experience

TubeBuddy has ton of features and can be a lot to take in. but all their features a easy to grab and simple language is used throughout.

TubeBuddy Mobile App

Their mobile App is available for android and iPhone. They don’t have iPad version but you can also install the iPhone version by searching the App store for TubeBuddy using the “include iPhone Apps” option.

The mobile App gives access to the Following TubeBuddy features:

  • Live Subscriber Count
  • Tag Explorer
  • Comment Filtering
  • Canned Responses
  • Channel Milestones
  • Tag Rankings
  • Suggested Tags
  • Commenter Subscriber Counts
  • Video Topic Planner
  • Tag List Management
  • List Element

How to get Started with TubeBuddy

It is very easy to get started with TubeBuddy.

  • Head over to their website
  • Create an account
  • Install their extension on your browser

TubeBuddy Alternatives

VidIQ is the only real alternative to TubeBuddy. They are both really good tools and have their strengths and weaknesses.


TubeBuddy can be a viable tool for a lot of YouTubers.

And it can help with:

  • A good YouTube keyword research tool
  • Content optimization
  • Competitor analysis
  • A productivity tool

And much more.

So TubeBuddy provides YouTubers with what they’ll need to succeed

And it’s got a free version, so give it a try if you liked what you read today.

So let us know, do you agree with our TubeBuddy Review?


Is TubeBuddy Worth It?

If you are making YouTube a big part of your marketing strategy, then the answer is yes!

<h3 “=”” style=”text-align: justify;” tve-u-1764790cc97″=”” id=”t-1607517608447″>How to use TubeBuddy <p “=”” style=”text-align: justify;” tve-u-1764790cc9a”=””>It is very simple to use TubeBuddy. What you need to do is just install the TubeBuddy extension on your browser.

<p “=”” style=”text-align: justify;” tve-u-1764790cc9a”=””>Once installed, you’ll need to create an account, log in, that’s it. After that, simply go to YouTube and you’ll it’s features right inside designated by the TubeBuddy logo.

<h3 “=”” style=”text-align: justify;” tve-u-1764790cc9c”=”” id=”t-1607517608448″>Is TubeBuddy Safe?

There is nothing to worry about in using TubeBuddy. It is safe to use and 100% YouTube certified extension that has been helping a lot of YouTube creators grow their channels since 2014!

<h3 “=”” style=”text-align: justify;” tve-u-1764790cc9f”=”” id=”t-1607517608449″>Is TubeBuddy Better than VidIQ?

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ are great YouTube tools. They both have their strengths and weaknesses, and you’ll never go wrong with any of them.

<h3 “=”” style=”text-align: justify;” tve-u-1764790cca2″=”” id=”t-1607517608450″>What is the Difference Between TubeBuddy Mobile App and the Browser Extension?

The mobile App is the scaled-down version of the browser extension where they focus on the features that you will need on-the-go.

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